An Attitude of Giving.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

“At the most basic level of any interaction, we are each looking for the same things: Love, Respect, and ultimately Happiness. When we analyze all action, our true motivation lies in the attainment of one or more of these three experiences. What it tells us is that they represent the pinnacle of human interaction – they are valuable. And, they are the basic currency within any community.

The basis of the word ‘currency’ is ‘current,’ or flow. Within any successful community, Love, Respect, and Happiness are constantly in motion. They are ever-flowing. When we are not getting these things, it is simply because we are not giving them. We have restricted their flow through some mistake.

When we want something, we must first learn how to give that thing. It is up to us to initiate the flow. Moreover, when we give something of value, our experience of it increases. The more we give, the more we have it. That’s how we know it is valuable.

To approach life with an attitude of giving is an incredibly powerful philosophy. Because only then will we receive.” - by Christian Bevacqua @GreenTree Meditation

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