Usain Bolt. The Fastest Man Alive.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Above is a link to BBC's intimate portrait of the Olympic Champion, Usain Bolt. 

Four years ago in Bejing, the Jamaican electrified the world with an 100m dash that reshaped the boundaries of human possibility by posting a new world record. Infamous for his cocky pre-race demeanor and ridiculous victory dances, the documentary reveals that there is a lot more to the man in the gold shoes. In the film, Bolt breaks down the phases of his race. He says, "at about 60 meters, well that's where I really turn into a beast..." The image of him at the 80m mark in the final became the symbol of the 2008 Olympic games: so far ahead of his competitors, Bolt reached his arms out behind him in an early celebration of what looked like an effortless victory. While it may seem that it took only 9.69 seconds to become a global icon and known as the fastest man alive, this documentary, filmed over the last twelve months as Bolt prepares for the London2012 games, shows the nuances of the hard work and dedication required to... well, run as fast as lightening.

At a time where media access is so strictly controlled due to sport star branding, I thought it was fun and inspiring to watch this up-close account of such an incredible athlete. 

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